Dairy of Your Heart – Joy and Lara

Folk pop is their thing; and there is plenty that will appeal here to those who know them and those who will stumble their way. Lara So Far Away stands out, not the least because of some fine saxaphone work by Andy Kell, the song concluding just as he has been let loose (please Madam’s; can I have some more?). Elsewhere they are quiet but assured in their songwriting, with sweet and soulful melodies and harmonies, honed over years of knowing where to be and when not to be. Diary of Your Heart is a heartfelt album about new motherhood; rhyming profound and sound and proud and getting away with it. Perhaps they could give Ben Lee some tips. *** ½ - Chris Peken, City Hub


" Some albums seem like old friends from the first listening. This debut from Lara Goodridge and Joy Howard is like that because they sound so easy, natural and relaxed in both their songwriting and performing. It’s folky pop, with sweet, accurate harmonies being the icing on a finely baked batch of songs." John Shand, SMH Metro

"The album is a treat for fans of strong songwriting and harmony singing, the diversity of the songs only serving to make the record more compelling to listen to."
Anthony Horan, InPress Magazine, Melbourne

"They give a sweetness to harmony that is without peer… Mellifluous to the end, the album is sweet and sublime. It is a work of beauty conveying varying moods that can have you close to tears or sitting back and smiling, remembering times past..." Mark Neilsen, Drum Media, Sydney

“The harmonies heavenly and there’s a richness and depth to the arrangements… Beautiful.” Les Everett, The Fremantle Herald, Perth

“The gentle tales of life so beautifully brought to life with great harmonies and honesty. Joy & Lara’s vocal delivery is pure and clear… Highly recommended.” Cecilia Pattison-Levi, BMA


"Strong and passionate songs, fine playing and excellent harmonies... a most impressive independent recording." Les Everett, The Fremantle Herald, Perth

“Harmonies that intertwine with delight“ Ross Clelland, Drum Media, Sydney

“Strong, catchy melodies and … sublime, imaginatively arranged harmonies.” Steve Gordon, X-Press, Perth


“These women sang sweet harmonies, played quiet melodies and charms the pants off the audience, simply and unpretentiously with a guitar and violin” Supp. Leo Kottke, State Theatre, Sydney; Anna Sarris, Revolver

“An angelic set … with the emphasis on seamless sweet soul harmonies in the Indigo Girls meet The McGarrigles vein” Supp. Lunasa at The Basement, Sydney; Michael Smith, Drum Media, Sydney


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